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Announcement for former president Paul Brunson

We are thrilled to announce that our former president, Paul Brunson, has just published an incredible book titled "Not Afraid to Work: Practical Advice for the Young Electrician". This book is a valuable resource filled with insights and encouragement for young individuals considering a career in the electrical trade

Paul's book offers practical advice, invaluable wisdom, and inspiring anecdotes that will empower aspiring electricians to embark on their journey with confidence and determination.

As members of our esteemed association, we encourage you to show your support for Paul by ordering a copy of his book. Consider gifting it to a high school student or graduate in your life who is exploring career options or anyone interested in the electrical field.

Let's come together to celebrate Paul's achievement and spread the word about this fantastic resource to others who may benefit from its guidance.

Order your copy today and help inspire the next generation of                                                                 electricians!

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