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The Fairfield County Electrical Association provides a vehicle for communication within the industry. There is an opportunity for social contact and involvement through regularly scheduled events. Dinner meetings provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and conversation with your peers. Through your membership you will gain an insight and understanding of who your associates are in your industry, how they think, and what their personal and business philosophies are.

Members may participate in the following:

  • Bi-monthly scheduled meetings with interesting speakers

  • Periodic code panels with question and answer sessions

  • Code seminars by noted authorities

  • Presentations by manufacturers

  • Learn new techniques

  • Keep abreast of new technologies

  • Annual Christmas dinner dance

  • Various social activities

Our electrical industry is becoming so large and so complex that no one individual, no one company, or one segment of our industry is capable of developing solutions to our many industry problems. National organizations which serve various segments of our industry such as NAED, NEMA, CECA, IEEE, IAEI, and NECA are not substitutes for our association. Your membership will allow you to achieve things within your industry that you can't do alone

The Fairfield County Electrical Association can provide for your local industry, for your business, and most of all for YOU!

We would welcome you as a fellow member.

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